#MyBestThingToday was listening to one of my favourite songs and dancing to it in the tube. I didn’t care who was watching!

I bought my first designer handbag!

I finished knitting my youngest daughter a scarf for her birthday…it’s 6 feet long!

I got to lie in with someone lovely!

Our motto at Life Clubs!

Our motto at Life Clubs!

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Feeling good

Today I woke up and felt really positive and in the right frame of mind to set some goals.

Engagement Ring

I got engaged! Let the fun begin!

fish soup

Yum! Ate a delicious fish soup for lunch today. Lots of tomatoes, fennel seeds and prawns.

My best thing today was finding one of my old model planes in the attic

my best thing today finding shell

Best thing today was finding a beautiful shell on the beach!

my best thing today winning snooker

Beat my dad at snooker…first time for everything!

best thing catching up with friend

Having a big catch up with my friend

my best thing today walk with mum

Going on a walk with my mum